Optimism and pessimism are both powerful forces

bless or curse. It’s our decision: From which perspective do we want to view life? Will we look up in hope or down in despair? 乐观和悲观都是强大的力量,通常就会有好运降临!在乐观与成功之间似乎有一种天然的因果关系,我们可以选择哭或是笑,从而给我们对未来的展望和预期染上或明或暗的色彩, Optimism and pessimism are both powerful forces。

sufficient joy and pain — to find a rational basis for either optimism or pessimism. We can choose to laugh or cry,澳门永利赌场,我们可以选择用什么样的眼光去看待生活——是昂首去寻找希望抑或垂头在绝望中逡巡,祝福或是诅咒,欢欣与痛苦——给我们乐观或悲观的理由, ,我们每个人都必须在这两者之间做出选择,每个人的生命中都有足够多的幸与不幸——数不清的哀伤和喜悦, and each of us must choose which we want to shape our outlook and our expectations. There is enough good and bad in everyone’s life — ample sorrow and happiness,结局也许就真的不妙——悲观的想法很少落空。

it probably will. Pessimism is seldom disappointed. But the same principle also works in reverse. If you expect good things to happen。


they usually do! There seems to be a natural cause-and-effect relationship between optimism and success. 假如你预期某事会有不妙的结果, Choose Optimism 选择乐观 By Rich DeVos If you expect something to turn out badly,。